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My Journey

I have always considered myself a spiritual person, sensing a deep connection while being grounded in life,

because life is real and raw and filled with beautiful moments. It is in this real and raw reality.. "we become spiritual; 

Lots of people feel that spirit is something far beyond them in their ordinary daily life or something separate but it's just not true, Angels don't mind us, our humanness , they reach out to us in this life guiding us even if we are not conscious of them. Sometimes we think and act spiritual” to obtain some kind of experience, we have to feel and experience life itself to awaken the spiritual aspect within us, which naturally resides deep within.

I believe that the universe has a way of guiding us forward through our lives with the help of those spirits and Angels.. they get us to recognise our soul and who we truly are. I was blessed with the gift of being able to connect from a young age, sensing emotions and others' pain. Through my own illness in my adult years and the teaching of life’s challenges, having experienced an NDE, Anxiety, depression, loss, accidents, physical illnesses mixed during this testing time, I began to recognise this ability once again many years ago while suffering with M.E after a virus and in this time after the loss of a close friend to suicide also having just given birth to my youngest son, being in this chronic pain daily..

I really had a crisis of faith, this was the activator of my healing journey and I began to see God's beautiful Angels and spirit like I had as a child,  they now came and got my attention..

I had been skeptical at points through my difficult times but deep down had this feeling that something is always there deep in the soul, they started to visit me at night many times and I received healing from them, Being in awe and wonder of their power and pure love why I would be so blessed that they would come to me? many people do wonder but it happens to many of us we all can connect to what is natural within us. 

Humbled and grateful I started to feel better, I told no one as I was trying to process the whole experience,

fear of being mocked..called mad,  plus me trying to find some kind of logic explanation that never came.

I could feel days where I would not feel pain, I had energy! I could do things that most of us take for granted like the simple things, walking the dog, washing your hair, having energy for my children and not have that daily feeling.. of dying slowly, I weirdly felt guilty about my beautiful experiences, being able to experience these two worlds combining , you naturally want others to share this experience, you want to tell them..let them know that they have nothing to fear, when you see so much fear life and pain in others, then there is this you can tap into? how amazing..

But You don't say anything because unless they want to explore their own soul connection, it's really something that has to ignite within themselves...they will then get your experience.

They showed me how to heal myself and many things , bringing me on little journeys, introducing me to teaching spirits, seeing energy and clearing experiences of past lives which has not been been easy at times, to clear your shadow is work, and they really test you as guides and teachers.

I regularly experience the sent of sweet divine odour of roses and perfume, when certain spirit come close, there are really are no words to describe this well but if you could its 'pure love. 

During my early illness in its teaching it began to bring back my earlier childhood memories recalling early experiences as a young child, flooding memories coming back of having out of body experiences and the deep realisation that we are here on a constant learning journey in this human experience. I had been told many times by spirit we are learning, Understanding this at a young age, which I had forgotten, there was always a sense of being a visitor to this world. This concept had played over in my young mind and without realising at the time it had been guidance and understanding received through those early experiences. Only now as an adult, I have a full realisation of what spirit really meant.

We lose this early sense as life takes over but this early guidance has stayed with me into my adult life and has given me the courage and confirmation to follow through my own soul's purpose against some odds and those people who are in fear. Challenging as those life’s experiences can be, the positive blessing is this returning, an opportunity

" A returning to who we really are, recognising and honouring our true soul essence.

Life can be hard , we are not perfect but it's important that we always walk toward the light within us, work at keeping our vibration high the best that we can and do our best working through the heart,

leaving no room for fear, anger or hate.

I love having the opportunity to connect my clients to their loved ones and seeing the client's soul shining when blending with the power of the spirit. I enjoy assisting that recognition so clients in turn will come home to their true essence, renewing their faith once again.

My focus is to bring forth awareness, Communication, and healing through love, delivering messages of guidance, and reassurance that the client may need in their life, igniting their own independent soul power. When I connect to the spirit it’s communicated in a pure down to earth way, their energy blending with mine so the experience feels like a natural gentle conversation with spirit and their loved one's allowing the client to experience the communication without any fear, receive that understanding they may need, get clarity and confirmation. Most importantly the aim is for the client to feel supported while normalising their spiritual experience.

I have experienced teaching over the years through workshops I have facilitated, this has been rewarding, again that constant reminder of my younger earlier memory of the soul spirit in the human expression and difficult as logic determines to find a reason, In the confusion of life's experiences.. we are ultimately searching for ourselves in the hope that we return to our authentic form. So what if we were to talk to our child self? we just might have a different perspective? a knowing..maybe a one different from the adult conditioned mind. That mind that becomes bombarded with things that don't define us, statements, beliefs? life experiences ? denying our true nature until we slowly begin recognise, that soul self again.

Through years of experience, what is evident in my work is that we all have that innate spiritual potential, a connection to the divine self. The beauty of this opportunity is to see that within the client, supporting them through their own spiritual changes and development experiences. Ultimately my aim for my client's experience is to acknowledge the human factor reminding ourselves of our shadow nature without we allow the light of that soul to become brighter while experiencing the spirit, so there is no feeling of separation from spirit, either between the medium and the client. As we try to maintain balance in life we can still recognise that soul spirit that exists within us as we work toward ourselves in humanity, learning through our lessons harnessing and sharing our energy through the vibration of love, discovering the true nature of our infinite existence.

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