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Shift happens Sh*t happens

Updated: Nov 8, 2020

As I write this blog, thoughts go to how we are all struggling with the constant fears and changing information in our world of Covid and all its complexities, day in and day out..

How do we find a way of adjusting our sails through this ever changing daily storm of uncertainty..

Have you ever considered that your energy is affected by this? of course as well as the emotional / mental states, if your a believer or not in the whole energy thing? Everything is affected on some level, the barrage of information you are met with daily, the topic's of conversations with others..covid's entourage soaking through our brain' we sleep, eat, breathe. While we have gone through a crisis of stages that evolves in man's response to this present day situation.

A crisis that touches every corner of the globe..what do we do to ease the torment, there is a mental ripple that echoes once the emergence of this situation subsides and to those who are trying.. but can't quite find a way to navigate this ever emanating fear popping into our thought processes. How can we escape it, keep sane or keep ourselves safe..not just from the virus but from the over use of information by media and our lovely computer warrior friends, the BS of government promises and their peculiar deliveries of such, the now knowing what happens on the other side of the world within seconds to overwhelm us even more..

Sometimes you just have to say enough!

To deny this is not an 'escapism its 100% health and well being check up and check in, a re balance system, to take a step back from this is a call to arms to protect your mind, the importance of checking in on your neurosis, your woes and worries, gracing yourself that allowance of 'stepping back from high alert 'that natural factory setting response to danger, and the avoidance of ingraining too much of this pandemic neurosis going can we ease that or at the very least take down the epic anxieties a notch that rise like a ninja at your back just when you thought you were having a better day and as quick as it rises, it falls with the excruciating exhaustion it brings and self judgements on how well your coping?

I can tell are allow to own this..and this is healthy..but only for a time.

As the concern lies in post pandemic era, are these woes coming along with us to extend the sufferings?

You think? could it be the case? No not necessarily because as long as your are an energy being.. A soul..

the possibilities and potentials for solution and change are there..never say never..and don't assume it's a given..The mind is a powerful tool..decide if it's your friend or foe.

And while we all have different circumstances and by those factors our environment has shaped our covid experience and response so far, one thing that we can all meet on with agreement is the ever changing emotional and mental behaviours that have come to light..and the roller coaster rides it brings, be it within you, your loved one's, your lifestyle, that unhealed self you've ignored and suppressed until this world shit storm arrived!

I've spoken with all front liners, who admirably are battling their way along unappreciated by their government, carers, the bravery of the bereaved families of covid's cruel legacies and the non believers, the conspiracy theorists..all arguing away together getting their fill and redemption's.

All but one thing remains..we must ask how is 'your mental health..? how are you getting through? because everyone is experiencing a change through could call it a collective shift, a dark night of the soul of sorts..

A shift happening or sh*t happening?

One way or another we all collectively contribute in some way, and through every person's filter of their world it's all correct..correct? so how do we ebb away from the drama that announce's itself everyday, toying and tempting our reactions and fears..mankind and its modern world media as we experience it..

We don't because hey that's not our reality really is it? was is Real our responses to our external world..and we sure 'own' every piece of that.. that's raw power.. we can upgrade our responses and reactions though every piece of this experience and when you have that realisation, you my friend are in unlimited supply even in a world perceived through limitation, its a big casino soul win in Las Vegas!

' The 2020 teachings of an awakened soul.'

Even if you know it or've changed..and your soul knows while we can slip our way to escapism with our minds..where here lies most problems, this coping mechanism take's us away from our true sense of self so we are best to manage that like we would the most precious thing in our life. While the soul tries it efficacious ways to translate its wisdom to you.. damn are you listening? probably not..but you can and you will? eventually...

A mind filled with external bombardment cannot filter true knowledge from the soul, so its like trying to look through a room filled with smoke and work out a clear path to the exit door? difficult? duh yeah

Many things to ask yourself in your metaphorical smoke filled room?

Do you need to check in or chat with yourself?

What is pulling you away with distraction? clouding your thinking?

How many times do you invest in your mental well being? tending to your irritations..

What of your external world is pulling your energy outward toward? is it helpful? who are you influenced by?

Here lies the a soul energy being, everything you connect with, spend time thinking about, direct your energy toward, converse with.. has some kind of affect and ramification.. so what is it in this pandemic time that you are contributing your energy to, is it helping you through? I've encountered friends, clients who have followed numerous others on line with various stories and information factual or not, I‘m not interested nor here to bash others views but what has interested me was their energy, how out of sorts they had become within their energy, lost, far away from themselves.. drowning and draining their energy in negative influences not fully conscious by almost being brain washed the covid by product and some at the very least confused within themselves as they struggle to identify what is their truth, their grounded sense of self..

The clear worry here for our own futures we need humankind to remain balanced and grounded as best that we can, we are all vulnerable to this because the mass influx of information thrown at you as good as it appears is not always beneficial, fake or not in our pandemic vulnerable states we are at our most influential, the best way to influence is to cause confusion and as the old saying goes '' too much of anything isn't good''

One key factor we have to have as a must for self preservation of the mind balance and soul is staying in our own energy and never thinking or believing another knows more than your own soul! even more importantly now in this uncertain time. Your have your own knowing, your own power. Mind your mind and it will mind the rest.

Key's to ponder though your covid journey

Acceptance- without this we are lambs to the slaughter, on the merry go round of life wanting needing and always dissatisfied looking for the next best thing for a psychological boost or plight to get involved in, as a distraction.

A fool's game and a behavioural addiction..this is the pandemic to come, because suffering is life we must work our way toward acceptance everyday because this is “freedom an end to emotional suffering,

by a practice of less resistance in our letting go suffering then becomes less.. Creating this wonderful resiliency within..allowing the ability to manage life's angers and learning obstacles with courage and grace..

Giving yourself the best in your own life and humanity.

So ask yourself do I need to suffer? do I need to control my outer world? is there anything I really have control over?

Expectations- what are they? what are my must's and rules I tell myself and follow to the mark, are they really based in some kind of reality where they matter? does anyone care about your must's?

The personal to do lists? and what if you didn't follow at least one of them? then what..

nothing disastrous happened? right? if your not happy change them up..

Way's to ease yourself, let go of the self judgements, see how much time you lose on media, the ruminating of the past, those non positive investments toward yourself this year, the habits we slip into though our levels of coping. It's ok we have all done it, but letting it become a non useful habit long term won't aid you, be mindful of those habit's and unknown stressors that have become with the information overload and plus hours of screen time.

I mean ask yourself 2 hours watching tik tok video's you tube or listening to some one preaching some shit about something.?.is it real living? does it mean your present staying in your own energy? I don't know? ask yourself check in on your day..who are you following? How much time have you spent concerning yourself with your own energy? Did you laugh today in your day at least once? did you see the birds? feel the sun or smell natures gifts, taste life..acknowledge the earths trees..Smile at someone or did something real away from a device that felt positive? even when your pissed off, it can lighten the feeling..because the brain cannot tell the difference between what is real or imagined so what your thinking or watching is happening in your brains reality, influencing you only you are conditioned to know different but mind/brain biological responses and processes will still be the same as if it’s real..continue with repetition and it will stick..

So go easy with it and do what nurtures the mind and positively enhances it.

No day is going to be perfect through this and no day will be the same, nor the new normal but what will be the same..

Is your light within, it can also change to become brighter adapt and grow through all go '' YOU''

Even on your shit days..your powerful because of shift's happening and shit happening.. all growth comes through crisis and change. As we lean toward the consciousness 8/8 shift this part of the year, old angers, clearing feelings and release begins at this present time so use this time to stay in the day your in..

let go...keep it simple...and don't take yourself too seriously and try not wasting your time on bullsh*t..

shifting yourself to a new way of being, brighter..balanced and coping...but most of all living.

Shift's happen and shit happens..

Amanda Jane ©️ 2020

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