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Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Hello..its your loved one

Christmas time can be a difficult time of year for some when it rolls around, the advertising manipulations really pull at peoples hearts can be depressive showing unrealistic expectations and ideas of Christmas time..triggering hurts and stirring existing wounds especially in 2020.. One that many are having this year alone or without their loved ones in their life, we think of those souls gone to the virus of covid, and others..all those whom have passed on to spirit.

What kind of hope can we feel..when we wonder are they are ok?

How do we really know our loved ones in spirit are really there? Is there something there we ask? The tests of faith.

That unbearable ache, the crushing weight of loss we carry, wishing them here and all the natural feelings of anger consuming within at the injustice..them leaving you and the feelings of anbandoment that follows.

Bearing this difficult weight closes the locks down the mind through all of grief’s sufferings, fears engulf us..its something that can't be helped..

awash of fears for them in spirit..the judgements..fears for ourselves moving forward without them? our minds naturally always questioning death?

Are they there?

Really testing faith time and time again.

The mind, a powerful tool

Of course the mind it understands the concept that we have imagination and the ability to narrate what we wish to believe in, as we create the stories, the narrative in the mind as a tool to cope with life’s harsh realities..we tell ourselves things in order to process,

we know this..its normal

but what if everything you were sensing or questioning was actually your truth..?

What if? You had a connection with those close to you in spirit? Those loved ones you miss? a real experience Did u imagine it?

Would you say your mad, losing it?

Would others?

Would you think your tricking yourself into wishful desires?

The answer to that question is No your not and do you want to know why? Because there are many signs and ways spirit try to get our attention when they are close, sometimes we may miss it with all of life’s distractions, through our depth of pain and mindset, we may of had a spirit experience and we question? is it really them letting me know?

Only our logic, overthinking and the questioning mind pushes it away..

it’s fearful attempts at trying to keep in control.. for fear of the unknown.

Cracking some humour into this painful experience, if you could just imagine your loved ones saying" Jesus shes not listening to me at all? Or he's not letting on he's sensing me? And im going around trying to pull out all the stops to get noticed and I'm not getting acknowledged! "

Can you imagine? Its often been communicated to those Im reading for so they find it harlious when its been mentioned..almost telling them off in the most lighthearted way..

If they were still with you in the physical, would it be something they would say?

Why should they be different now..?

Unfortunately it’s our built in fear response..

the only thing this built in response does for you, Is separate you from the very experience that you have been craving and praying for since their parting, canceling any kind of validation that your loved one is ok and any awareness that their trying to get your attention.

But it’s ok its good to have a healthy skepticism that keeps you balanced and steers your logic in life, we need it..especially when we are vulnerable in the waves of grief.

So what if you actually allowed yourself to acknowledge an experience? it could be life changing, it could shift your perception a little or even a lot...or ease the pain in your heart a fraction, at the very least change your journey a little.


A journey no one wants to experience, but unfortunately this is part of our passage in our lifetimes, it’s personal.. it’s the definitive human experience, touching all no one escapes.

Something no person can put into a timeline, box it in label it as such and create the cure, it just is..

To ease its suffering is difficult, a soul breaking, changing and learning experience, it’s not something anyone can compare to because it’s personal to each and everyone.


We are all born into fear and we see a lot of our lives through this lens of fear based on our life teachings and experiences, so it’s only natural we should see that in death,

but what if we question this?

What if we were able to separate from our fear for only just a precious moment, and if only for that golden moment we could quite possibly have a magical experience? where we understood that physical death is an illusion?

Where the reality of the unseen comes close, allowing to register deep within you..

That deeper meaning experienced in the heart, one for certain your soul already knows about..but your mind needs convincing.

Where you know and feel their existence, like having an epiphany?

How marvelling it could be, an opportunity to sense your loved ones energy being close and the ability to recognise it..

Just maybe? you might entertain that notion, it could prove to be true in your heart and soul..knowing that you can feel them close? How amazing could that be, meaning all your fears would be a Lie.


Spirit show themselves in signs and symbolic ways, many ways I’ve often questioned and de bunked the hell out of..during some experiences myself! just to be sure but being sure cancels out many things, we get into a vibration thats lower and denser through our logic mind and we all like proof and evidence, but sometimes that can be limiting as it can close us off from expanding our ability to pick up on signs and communications on a higher frequency that are as subtle as a gentle breeze upon our cheek..


Often people recall loved ones in dreamtime..

Lets clarify the difference..

Grief dreams and the release of mental processes in dreams are often where the loved one is in trouble or you cant reach them..its fearful and can cause distressing feelings upon waking when recalling the dream. This is just the releasing of your own emotions, your own fears coming to the surface.

*This is NOT a true visitation from them.

Vistations where loved ones visit you in dreams, will be loving, their eyes look bright and clear.. they look bright, happy and healthy..they may just smile , hold you and you will still have the real feeling or they may pass on some advice, give you a simple symbolic gesture for guidance it can be something simple as a colour or an item or memory only you will know personally to you.

They don't come all the time, you've a life to continue to live for that reason and some visit only when you are emotionally ready or the timing is for a specific purpose to help you.

So while we consider we have no control over this and if there is no visitation experience its only because it is not necessary and often it happens alot of the time but people don't remember upon waking.. just a feeling they sense with them or a flashback in the day,

It matters not because the soul always knows regardless.

I often connect with all different spirits through dreamtime as I work with the healer spirits in these dream hours ,

I had recently made a connection to a beautiful young girl whom had passed to spirit, her grandmother allowed me to hold her precious grandaughter for a moment only to remind me that she was very much alive..I was in awe because she was to remind me of this and her loved ones that week as I was really struggling and always questioning as I do..

When a child passes to spirit it really tests all of us and its so difficult to process a childs passing..but her grandmother respectfully, her strong protective personality and energy reminded me in her way that yes she was perfect, and she was..

I held her, felt her little tummy and seen her beautiful face...she was very much alive and perfect, humbly allowed to experience that, without question it sealed the deal for me!

A feeling that has not left me, something I am forever grateful for,

its that validation you want others to experience.


Signs always come through nature because its a physical anchor to bridge the gap we can feel between earth and spirit..they are our little messengers, commonly recognised as the Robin, butterflies..any birds or nature’s symbolic signs.

Our pets often see spirit, they make noise or look at spirit around,

We always question... just because a dog barks at spirit its their way of communicating, it doesnt mean its negative.

Robins have an uncanny way of getting our attention..again Irish traditions often fear the worse..but they are Gods little messengers, greet them when you see them, all birds, feathers are signs..butterflies are profound something I've personally experienced at a family funeral, the butterfly symbol communicated to me the night before but I never thought much about it after until the day of the funeral...a large butterfly came into the church you could hear it flying as it was so quiet and still in the church at that moment, the timing perfected it flew over her casket in a profound way circled around and around then across right at her loved ones face and they all gasped in the church because they knew it was her and they got an experience that they most certainly couldn’t ignore or any skeptic.


The power and vibration of music, ever woke up with a song in your head?

Recall if you had heard it the day before, if not there may be a message in it for you?..notice if the song has any meaning..or what do the lyrics represent? Spirit tries to get communication in this way at could be a song your loved one used to sing?

Positive uplifting music raises our vibration...meaning your connection to loved ones becomes easier.


Smell is another powerful could be something that links to your loved one..

People often report smelling the sent of their loved one, their personal scent or perfume that is associated with can be anything from their life..a drink, smell of fire..their favourite flowers?

even fish if that was their livelihood..

I had a fisherman reeking of mackrel come through to a loved one I had been working with, the odor was so strong you'd never dismiss it..just to confirm it was indeed himself in his humour, my God it’s a smell I won't forget! and she knew it was nobody else only him.

This is the beauty and power of spirit never dismiss what you smell because its another sign you could miss. Trust that it is them and trust in what your experiencing.


There are a vast amount of stories about feathers, the Angel calling card often described..true to personal experience, Spirit really can get our attention with these light obvious signs..

So look to your feet..your path..or where you find may need reassurance that day and this is often that calling card. Nature blows them around but you cant debunk where they land purposely..

I found a beautiful pure white feather on the seat in my car when the doors where locked having asked for a sign some days earlier. Many times seeing feathers they come in our life grabbing our attention,

I've seen a visible one fall from the ceiling in my house only to look for it when it landed and it wasnt that really gets you to question..??

So don't be afraid to be open to it, we are all able to connect to our loved ones.

A Feeling

Sometimes we just get that feeling..

Suddenly we think of our loved one and they come into our mind, we think back of them and its usually because their energy is right beside you..

It can be as gentle as a breeze along our face..suddenly feeling colder..doesn't mean it's anything negative, it is actually your nervous system recognising a change in energy, like hairs standing on end these are your sensors.

Some often report feeling a tickling sensation on their hair, a tickle feeling on the face, this is their energy your sensing,

how light it may have already felt this and never knew it was a sign from your loved one.

So you can understand when we are sad tormented and angry in pain,

Your energy becomes denser, heavier

So it can be harder to feel these slight changes in energy and gentle vibrations from them.


Light is everything, we are light just like the sun, moon and the stars..we are that the light of the soul expressed we can experience our loved ones this way, candles are a powerful source, every candle that is lit with loving intentions goes into the spirit, if you ever notice a candle flickering..this is also a sign it’s these slight changes that can alert you to their presence. Even electronic gadgets are another way, in their mild way it can be with bulbs, equipment, phones, some spirit children play with toys that have lights and noise. Again without making assumptions in fear, these are gentle ways that get our attention..what you pick up on within the heart will be your communication.


Children are great mediums, they are unknowingly communicators of the spirit up to a certain age, they very gently come close to them. Children may randomly say something that you Suddenly recognise, something that may be beyond their years or something that may not have any relevance to what’s going on at the time..

so listen to what they say...

as it is being gifted to you..

loved ones especially grandparents often talk through children to let you know they are very much alive, they may even mimic a loved ones ways without being conscious, little children don't usually remember what they have just communicated to you when you ask them again, so you will know that its spirit talking to you through them.

Many of you may not of had a close relationship with those who have passed or a relationship you may have wanted,

maybe you missed out on their untimely passing, especially in the situation of 2020, but you can still bond with loved ones in spirit,

I was unfortunate not to have the opportunity to see my maternal grandparents passing and get to acknowledge their passing in the traditional way, but it has no bearing on what relationship you can experience, guidance or connection you may need.

My own grandmother came to me after her passing, beyond my control I had missed out on seeing her years before, but she came close to me and gave me guidance on what I needed at that time in my life, feeling her love and support it was so beautiful to have that family connection, knowing that distance or time never mattered..

So what we perceive in our life is not what is” spirit side. So whatever difficulties you may have experienced before their passing it can be healed regardless if its something you want..

Many people have difficult relationships with a loved one in their life that may have passed over, and sometimes the wounds only come to light once they have passed over to spirit, that doesn’t mean you have to have any communication with them, it’s entirely up to you, only what you let into your heart and energy that you want to connect with..will be

You decide, you have free will..

You are always in charge.

There is no Judgement on you.

So give yourself time and in time.. when your ready you will see the signs you need, the signs your looking for..

The validation that makes sense in your heart and soul...remember it doesn't come in the obvious way, the way our mind likes to look to the subtle gentle but simple reminders that they are close.

It won’t take the pain away but it can be a gift that you will recognise.

We are all capable of connecting with them always remember.. as you think of your dear loved one's this Christmas.

love & light

Amanda Jane ©️2020

Free Images taken from wix

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